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How recycling video offers better value for money…

In this era of increasing need for digital content, having engaging video to educate your client base on your products/services, for marketing, and even internal communications is as essential as the website they sit on…..would you agree?

If you do, then you may well be aware that budget is often a barrier to accessing high quality video productions and services, particularly for new and start up businesses who don’t feel they will see their ‘return on investment’ quick enough for it to seem worthwhile.

Just this week we received an enquiry to film an event in Liverpool (a mere 260 miles from where we are based in Sussex!), whilst the client recognised the benefit of filming the event, the budget just wouldn’t stretch. On occasion we have even turned work down, knowing the client would not benefit from the investment, due to their lack of online presence. It’s not just about having video, it’s also about having the platforms for people to watch them as well.

One of the ways we attempt to overcome this for our clients is by re-purposing the ‘wastage’ from our footage and maximising the content we produce from a shoot. E.g filming a live event can result in a highlights video with additional 15-30s stand alone vox pops taken from the interviews; soundbites from an interview for an explainer (that can’t be squished into the ideal 1-2 minute format) can become videos in their own right. Both are ideal for social media and draw people to watch the full length video.

Additionally, with our long term clients we NEVER delete any of their footage, resulting in a huge stock of library footage that can be recycled and re-purposed over and again, saving money in the future.

Yes, video production does cost, but that’s not to say it can’t yield greater value than its initial purpose. So choose to work with a video production company that offers value.

Author: Russell Stedman, Creative Producer, 325productionsUK.

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