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What will you find in our Video Production Portfolio?


Here you’ll find a selection of my latest work – a variety of promotional, charity campaign, music, training videos and more.

You may notice, that unlike other video companies, I don’t have a showreel. I think showreels are great for giving a snapshot of skill but don’t necessarily give you a sense of how effective my filming, editing,  sound production or choice of music track is.

On this page you’ll be able to see examples of all of the above in the context of whole pieces of content. I hope you enjoy.

Finova Hackathon

Now that live events are back up and running fintech giants Finova took full advantage by organising a hackathon to improve the services they provided to their clients through whole team collaboration.

This was a very long day filming, from first thing in the morning until late at night, but it was worth it to film in the location for BBC’s The Apprentice interview task and work with a lovely team.

National Cat Awards – Cats Protection

Since voluntering for Cats Protection as a media volunteer in 2015 I have always wanted to produce the videos for the charity’s flagship PR event.

My task was to visit each finalist around the country and produce a short video to be sent to the celebrity judges in order for them to pick a winner of each category. A thoroughly enjoyable project where I got to meet lots of lovely people, and cats!

Joanne Kirsten – Wedding singer promo

Joanne came to me via a mutual friend to ask if I could produce two promotional videos to launch the start of her wedding singer business – one  for her solo act and and the other for her acoustic duo.

I also produced all promotional stills for the website. Joanne was delighted with the results and I am really pleased to have been part of her new venture.

Joanne Kirsten Wedding Singer

Cats Protection – A Guide to Pet Insurance

Trying to make ‘insurance’ sound interesting is no mean feat!

Which is why for this video for Cats Protection I recruited the talented Emily Beach to don many a costume and bring this subject to life with her comedic skills.

Fun was had on this one. Filmed at Barcombe Studio, Barcombe Mills, Sussex.

The Probate Research Awards

I have been delighted to cover the UK Probate Research Awards for several years now.

2022’s award ceremony took place in the lavish interior of One Great George Street, London and was hosted by Rob Rinder.

It’s always a very fun event where I am fed, watered and looked after. The team are a delight to work for and I am looking forward to working at 2023’s event.

Open Data Institute – Canalside Chats

Founded by Sir Nigel Shadboly and the inventor of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Open Data Institute was formed to work with companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem.

I was asked to capture and edit a series of seven  ‘Canalside Chats’ with guest speakers held at the ODI’s HQ Kings Place, London.

Some very interesting and thought provoking discussions took place.

Just A Ride – Razor music video

Nottingham based grunge rock band Just A Ride needed a new music video to promote their latest single, Razor.

To meet with Covid restrictions this video was coordinated by us and shot in three different locations around the UK.

The driving energy of the song leant to a pacey edit with some subtle effects to give the video that grungey look.

For more info on the band check out the band’s website; Just A Ride

The Business Narrative Digital Showreel

325productionsUK has been lucky enough to partner with leading events company The Business Narrative since 2019.

In that time we have worked with a number of high profile clients – such as Open Data Institiute, Tech Talent Charter and peadiatric experts Don’t Forget The Bubbles.

To showcase the TBN we produced this snappy motion graphics based showreel, featuring content from online events captured since the covid pandemic to show the events industry is still thriving, allbeit online.


Cats Protection – Shopping for your Cat

Due to the pandemic many clients are now supplying their own footage for us to work our magic with and this latest project for Cats Protection is a great example.

Scripted by 325productionsUK this informative video showcases the charity’s brand new Cat Care Collection range – including beds, litter trays and toys for cats.

Edited together with previously shot footage and motion graphics this video is a great example of how charities can still have great content produced despite current restrictions. 

Cats Protection – Here for the Cats

325productionsUK was asked to produce a very special video to celebrate  just how much cats mean to people during difficult times, like this Covid-19 pandemic, and to highlight how the charity are continually doing their best to take care of cats during this  period. 

325productionsUK worked alongside the in-house  Comms team to develop the script and in-house Design team who completed the graphics and animation on this piece.

VO provided by Greg Draven and Laura Cornelius.


Volker Ballueder – #BeBetter online course

Our task on this project was to create an online course for Volker Ballueder (author of Principles of Success), that encapsulated his ethos of improving productivity and becoming the best version of yourself, #BeBetter.

The pre- production involved several re-writes of each script, ensuring Volker’s message was delivered to his liking.

The simple black background with white text and graphics offers a contemporary feel to the course. For more information on how to ‘Be Better’ visit ballueder.com

Hannah Shergold – Tusk Collection launch video with Deborah Meaden

325productionsUK recently had the pleasure of filming Deborah Meaden interview Hannah Shergold about her latest art collection and how she is raising funds for African conservation charity Tusk whose fundraising efforts have been affected dramatically due to Covid-19.

Filmed at the picturesque setting of North Cadbury Court, Yeovil this launch video contains a snippet of Hannah’s interview with Deborah Meaden, the full interview is now available on Hannah’s website and YouTube.


Roots Research – Recruitment video

Our second time working for Brighton based market research company Roots Research, who wanted an updated version of their recruitment video to help attract new people to the team.

This video, complete with bloopers, gives a small insight into the fun, friendly, laid back, but hard working atmosphere of the company.

It is always a pleasure to work with a company that are happy to present their true self and we hope this video encapsulates that.

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

325productionsUK was commissioned to produce a series of videos to promote sponsorship for several of the animals (including the handsome turkey Gregory Peck featured above!) as part of a Christmas campaign.

All videos created were redesigned to be featured throughout the year, maximising the charities investment in video production.

Learn more about Raystede and how to sponsor an animal here: Raystede

Awesome Golf for Horsham Golf & Fitness

Awesome Golf is an innovation in driving range technology, allowing users to track progress, correct form and play games through the use of Futurescope radar technology.

325productionsUK were hired to make a snappy video to promote the new install at Horsham Golf Course, along with a series of user testimonials to promote the tech.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic this project is currently on hold.


Cats Protection – Bob Mortimer visit

As a supporter Bob Mortimer was invited to Cats Protection’s flagship centre, the National Cat Adoption Centre, Sussex, as a thank you for his recent contributions to the charity.

325productionsUK was hired to capture Bob’s visit and create video content to help raise awareness of celebrity support for the charity.

We hope we captured the smiles and vibe of Bob’s visit here, view the additional video for social media here.

Meridian Iliffe training video series

The task with management training specialists Meridian Iliffe was to create a series of training videos to supplement their face-to-face training.

We chose to film these on a white infinity backdrop to give a professional, clean, high-end corporate look suitable for their big business clientele.

Training videos are an excellent way of allowing employees to access learning materials at any time and therefore saving on money.

Howard Lewis – OFFLINE events, London

A brief insight into Howard Lewis’s OFFLINE world, whereby he invites an eccelctic mix of 30-50 people to an exclusive dining experience in order to foster relationships between people who ordinarily may not have the chance to meet.

325productionsUK has worked extensively with Howard to create video content, predominently for LinkedIn, to promote his OFFLINE brand, including the infamous OFFLINE chocolate challenge!

Don Moore – Sales Troubleshooter showreel

Sales troubleshooter Don Moore needed a short promotional video to advertise his leadership training services on social media.

We spent two days filming Don delivering a training course in order to capture the breadth of techniques Don and his team utilise to help big brand senior management teams become even more efficient and productive.

Built around a short snappy piece-to-camera with Don and set to a feel-good soundtrack we hope this video does the trick!

Cats Protection microchipping campaign

This Charlie Chaplin inspired video was created to raise awareness of the importance of microchipping your cat, as part of Cats Protection’s national microchipping month campaign.

We got a few strange looks from the public while filming at several locations in Haywards Heath, West Sussex!

For more information on the importance of microchipping your cat or other pets please click here: Microchipping

MSIF – Cykelnerven

This video is an example of how we can work with previously filmed footage to create engaging video content for charities.

The MSIF (Multiple Sclerosis International Federation) are a fantastic charity who raise valuable funds through sponsorship of participants in the annual Cykelnerven event.

A montage of action shots, drone footage and motion graphics hopefully help to inspire more people to take part in the event.

Learn more about the event here: MSIF


Cats Protection – Pawsome Tea – Promotional Video

325productionsUK was honoured to have been asked to produce the promotional video for Pawsome Tea, Cats Protection’s first ever mass participation event.

A whole host of volunteers, all of which are non actors gave up their time and kitchens to make this three day shoot possible,  and an absolute pleasure to be part of.

325productionsUK also provided the online promotional stills for the event website.

We were delighted to hear this event raised £40,000 for the charity.

Yeah Groove – Funk & Soul Show Band – Music Video

Filmed on location at the Mesmerist, Brighton, this promotional music video features a live recording, giving a authentic Yeah Groove experience.

Showcasing five songs from their set list, this promotional video has helped the band get on the books of some top cover band agencies and the big gigs they deserve.

A thoroughly enjoyable video shoot with some great musicians, check it out!

Useful Contact Animation

A video production with a slight difference to our normal projects and one that stretched our creative skillset. 

325productionsUK was asked to produce this cheeky little animation to give the viewer a brief taste of the services that online B2B business directory Useful Contact offers their clients.

Tasked with incorporating the two angles of the business into one video without a voice over (for budget reasons), we hope this quirky little animation does the trick.

Small Business e-Marketing animation

The first animation 325productionsUK produced was for Small Business e-Marketing.

Initially produced to be an intro video for networking meeting presentations, this video then went on to befcome the flagship promo for the business, who have now expanded their services to become a succesful digital marketing agency.

For more info on how we can create great animations for you please get in touch!

Robo4hire – Telepresence promo

Subsidary of 360Globalnet, Robo4hire needed a promotional video to help clients understand the new ‘telepresence’ feature in their ‘Robothespians.’

To produce this explainer we spent a day in the studio with Boris and his fellow ‘Robothespians’, as well as joining him on location in Shoreditch at a tech event to capture him in action.

In addition to the promo we also produced a cinematic trailer for social media, view it here: Robo4hire telepresence trailer

Cats Protection Challenge Event Promo – Skydiving

Produced as part of a series of promotional videos to promote Cats Protection’s challenge events and filmed on a warm summers day at Old Sarum airfield alongside The Red Devils, this was a fun one.

Seeing the Red Devils in action and the participants getting excited before during and after the jump was a real pleasure to be part of and capture.

Cat-loving thrill seekers, this is the video to watch if you want to help cats by leaping out of a perfectly good aeroplane!


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