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What Business Profile Videos Can We Produce?

Business profile videos are the perfect way to let your target audience know exactly what you offer in a short space of time. They are as essential as the website they sit on.

You may wish to sell your products or services, recruit team members or simply celebrate who you are, a great video will achieve this in seconds.

Whatever your reason, there is huge scope to promote your business in an interesting and engaging way, from talking heads videos, fly-on-the-wall documentaries, software/app videos and animations.

325 Productions UK has great experience in all these types of video.


Don Moore - Leadership training showreel

Sales troubleshooter Don Moore needed a short promotional video to advertise his leadership training services on social media.

We spent two days filming Don and his colleagues delivering training in order to show the breadth of techniques they use to help big brand senior management teams become even more efficient and productive.

Built around a short snappy interview with Don and put to a feel good soundtrack, we hope this video does the trick.


Robo4hire - Telepresence promo video

Subsidiary of 360Globalnet, Robo4hire needed a promotional video to help clients understand the new ‘telepresence’ feature in their ‘Robothespians.’

To produce this explainer we spent a day in the studio with ‘Boris’ and his Robothespians, as well as joining him on location in Shoreditch at a tech event to capture him in action.

In addition to the promo we also produced a cinematic trailer for social media, which you can view here: Robo4hire telepresence trailer


Useful Contact - promotional animation

We can also do animation! Instead of a more traditional explainer Useful Contact wanted a short, on-brand animation to advertise the two strands of their business.

Animation projects have great scope for interesting and entertaining imagery. A dash of humour and a catchy soundtrack will ensure your message comes across clearly and doesn’t get forgotten easily!

For more examples of our animations please head to our portfolio page.

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In addition to handling entire video projects we can be hired at any stage of the process - from initial consultancy, to in-house video production training or for editing previously filmed footage.

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